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Success stories from our shining stars!

"Noah's therapist is Sara Anne. She has been great with him, his language has expanded so much since working with her. She sends me messages to keep me updated with new milestones she notices with him and she provides us with helpful tips and resources for us to work on at home with him. I can't say enough how much I appreciate Sara Anne and the Speech Stars staff." - Noah's mom 

"We love Speech Stars! My daughter has had two amazing therapists, first, McKinzie and now, Katherine. Both ladies have built a relationship with my daughter and she loves working with them! They listen to my thoughts and concerns and always give suggestions and support. My daughter has made great progress since she started there." - Rachel's mom

"My daughter, Layla, absolutely loves Sara Anne. She is always asking to go see her. Layla has made such great progress with Sara Anne over these last 9-10 months. I'm so glad I decided to seek out intervention on my own instead of wait to see like was suggested by her pediatrician. We could not be happier with Sara Anne and the time she has spent with our daughter!" - Layla's mom

Myranda is amazing, my boys love her and I think she does a great job working with them. Charles has bad days sometimes and she's really good at working around his tantrums and has amazing patience when he's not wanting to practice his words. With Wyatt she's really good at having him practice his easy onset and she's really encouraging when he starts stumbling over words. And speech stars as a whole has been very understanding and I love the program and the people in it." - Charlie & Wyatt's mom

"As a toddler, my son had a language delay. He received speech therapy for the delay and was eventually discharged. Once starting school, he was diagnosed with dyslexia and executive function issues.  He no longer qualified for speech therapy within the schools, but still qualified for private speech therapy. Recently, he started speech therapy with a new therapist to Speech Stars, Samantha, who is very knowledgeable about literacy delays and dyslexia. She has had so many wonderful suggestions that have helped him in school. His grades have increased dramatically since implementing the suggestions and so has his confidence in school. Samantha works with my son during their session not only on his literacy delays and dyslexia but also his handwriting. I feel she goes above and beyond to help him succeed and she is so appreciated. " - Jace's mom

"Can you give more than 5 stars? Mrs. Kara is such a wonderful therapist! She has such a positive and playful approach to teaching kids language. In the time that my daughter has been a client, I have noticed a huge amount of progress with her speech. Especially communicating her wants and needs. My daughter very much looks forward to her sessions.  We thank our lucky stars that we were referred here." - Violet's mom

“Since starting sessions with McKinzie, my son has improved so much with his pronunciation of words and he can have a conversation with anyone he meets and they’re able to understand what he is saying! We love that his therapist is so understanding and patient with our son. We’re so grateful to have his therapist and everyone at speech stars helping our son! We can’t thank them enough for everything they do for us!!”- Adan's mom

"We are incredibly grateful for Speech Stars and our daughter's therapist, Christina. Christina is absolutely AMAZING with our daughter. Our daughter started working with her for severe expressive, receptive, and pragmatic language deficits as well as severe to profound oral motor development. We see great progress with our daughter with language and oral motor skills. Christina has been great to help with getting our daughter's AAC device programmed on an ipad for our daughter. Christina always works with our family if there is a scheduling conflict. Always makes a way to get in a make-up session. Christina has a wonderful, charming, and engaging personality. She is an expert in her field and we are so grateful to have her working with our daughter. Speech Stars is a great company and I recommend them to anyone that is in search of Speech Therapy for their child. They truly go above and beyond for all the children." - Jaylin's mom

"When our son started at Speech stars, it was difficult for even us to understand him all the time. Since he has been working with Sarah, he has improved tremendously. Her skills as a speech therapist has given him the tools to communicate clearly and her amazing personality has his built his confidence so much! Sarah is so kind and patient with him and us. She encourages our son to try his very best and is always eager to answer any questions we have. Her excitement to share our son's successes with us is a testament to how much she cares for the children she helps. We really hit the jackpot with Sarah; 10/10 would recommend!!" - Aidan's mom

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