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Success stories from our shining stars!

"My son has been working with Jillian for over a year. When he began, he was diagnosed with a moderate speech delay and in a years time has improved to a mild speech delay. People comment all the time about the progress he has made. We love Jillian and look forward to her home visit every week. She is fun, upbeat, patient and compassionate. I appreciate how she cares about my son holistically and not just about his speech. She is knowledgeable about the special education resources in our state and helped us get on the path to diagnosis for his autism." - Leila P.

"Caroline personalizes my sons weekly/monthly plan specifically for his strengths and weaknesses. She communicates with me in a personal yet professional manner and has never left me "unknowing" of the progress he is making. She is dependable and prompt, always keeping myself and his daycare aware of her scheduled visits. Caroline has not only soothed my concerns about my son's delays but also assured me that with time he will reach his full potential." - Sybil R.

"The most amazing speech agency out there (especially Juliet)! Attentive, punctual, engaged, knowledgeable, genuine, authentic, courteous, innovative, down to earth, very friendly & polite...I can't say enough great things about them!! My child who normally dislikes most people, loves them! You will LOVE them too! I promise! He has shown so much progress thanks to them!" - Shanika M.

"Jillian is by far the most terrific and skilled speech pathologist out there! Her amazing ability to connect with her patients is astounding! I highly recommend Speech Stars." - Suzi M.

"My nephew visited Speech Stars for the first time and I got to talk to him about it today. His words, unprompted: "It was fun. They said I can come back. I said lots of words. They had really cool stuff there. I talked to Miss Megan and she was nice to me.  It melted my heart"! - Aunt of Parker, age 4

"My son was born with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate. He has had four surgeries in four years. He's mainly struggling with articulation but also has a diagnosis of hypernasality and lisp. Caroline has been an absolute God-send. She sends me her daily case notes, gives me homework and worksheets to do at home and is kind and age-appropriate with him. I recommend her without reservation." -Paula Y.

“Since starting sessions with McKinzie, my son has improved so much with his pronunciation of words and he can have a conversation with anyone he meets and they’re able to understand what he is saying! We love that his therapist is so understanding and patient with our son. We’re so grateful to have his therapist and everyone at speech stars helping our son! We can’t thank them enough for everything they do for us!!”-Maria 

"Please know that our family is extremely delighted to have your company working with Nate, our autistic 7 year old.  Nate has had difficulty forming words, communicating and conveying his needs.  Since working with Megan for the past year we have seen improvement in his abilities to be understood.  Nate had no problem bonding to Megan since she is very kind and gentle.  She also shares her knowledge with our family and Nate’s other therapists so we all work together for his benefit.

Your company excels in communication to our family also with reminder text messages prior to every visit.

Thank you for your excellent services."- Grace M.

We have been a Speech Stars family for the past four and half years, and are thankful for the guidance and care they have shown to our family. Our oldest son had a significant delay as a toddler, but is now thriving in his Kindergarten class. He now has wonderful conversations with his family and the confidence to make friends. Thank you, Jillian, Megan, and McKinzie for everything you've done! - Karen S.

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